100 Maple Masters. Four seasons. One road.

Welcome to maple country!

Mission of the Maple Gourmet Road

What could be more natural?

In creating the Maple Gourmet Road, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) made it its mission to help people discover the immense potential of maple products by showcasing 100 Créatifs inspired by one of our region's most prized jewels.

All across Quebec, maple syrup is so embedded in our traditions that sometimes we take it for granted. But thanks to these devoted artisans, maple and maple products are getting a fresh spin and showing off a new look that is both modern and international. In fact, maple syrup is increasingly gaining recognition around the culinary world and winning fans in Europe and Asia, where famous, cutting-edge chefs include it in their culinary creations. The Maple Gourmet Road is a delicious way to get to know maple better, that unique treasure that offers countless possibilities and makes taste buds water here and abroad.

Naturally pure, maple products have been changing and refining over the past several years to fuel the imaginations of a new generation of epicureans. From the sweet notes of a chocolatier to the multiple parts orchestrated by the maestro of a trendy bistro, maple reveals its many personalities and even brings new ways of using it home. When our Créatifs inspire and stimulate your imagination, they make you want to cook with maple products in new ways, 365 days a year.

Quebec is the number-one producer of maple products, accounting for more than 75% of the world supply of maple syrup. By putting one of our most precious natural resources at centre stage, the Maple Gourmet Road supports the pride and joy of Quebec producers and helps spread a thriving food trend.

You’ll recognize the establishments that are part of the Maple Gourmet Road by the special logo created by the FPAQ, a symbolic link joining the offerings of all the Créatifs and ensuring the highest quality standards. Enjoy all the new sights and tastes along your trip!