Maple Masters

100 Maple Masters. Four Seasons. One Road.

What is a Maple Master?

Maple Masters are brilliantly creative epicureans who are part of a select group of 100 artisans meticulously chosen by the FPAQ from among the greatest chefs in the world. Their distinguishing characteristic is an unconditional love for top quality local products. They constantly hone their talent and keep a special place in their menus for maple, one of our most delicious natural resources. A Maple Master tantalizes us with the taste of maple in all its forms.

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Maple Ambassadors abroad

In Quebec, you will find Maple Masters all along the Maple Gourmet Road, in every corner of the province. But if you look further, you’ll find Maple Masters in France and Japan as well, putting their boundless creativity to work to create new taste experiences.

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