Maple Masters

100 Maple Masters. Four Seasons. One Road.

What is a Maple Master?

Maple Masters are brilliantly creative epicureans who are part of a select group of 100 artisans meticulously chosen by the FPAQ from among the greatest chefs in the world. Their distinguishing characteristic is an unconditional love for top quality local products. They constantly hone their talent and keep a special place in their menus for maple, one of our most delicious natural resources. A Maple Master tantalizes us with the taste of maple in all its forms.

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Maple Ambassadors abroad

In Quebec, you will find Maple Masters all along the Maple Gourmet Road, in every corner of the province. But if you look further, you’ll find Maple Masters in France and Japan as well, putting their boundless creativity to work to create new taste experiences.

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The 2013 winners of Maple Masters contest 2013

Thomas Ginieis
sous chef at Le Valois

The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) along with Pierre Résimont, chef-owner of the two-Michelin-starred restaurant L'Eau Vive in Belgium and honorary president of the sixth Maple Gourmet Road contest for Maple Masters, are pleased to reveal the three winners with the best creations combining maple water, fish and/or seafood, the theme for this year's contest.


Thomas Ginieis, sous chef at Le Valois, takes the cake with his "Drunken Lobster, Trapper-Style," featuring lobster marinated in maple whisky and maple water, served with a maple water gelée and pickled vegetables. The freshness of the dish, the original use of maple water and the perfect balance of flavours and textures earned Mr. Ginieis one week of advanced study at L'Eau Vive, in Profondeville, Belgium, led by Chef Résimont.

Dave Carlos-Bélanger, sous chef at Auberge des Glacis in L'Islet, won the second prize of $500 cash for his "St. Lawrence River Sturgeon with Maple Water 'Pot au Feu.'" He wowed the judges with the diversity of maple products he incorporated into the dish and the way he featured local products.

Olivier Perret, executive chef at Le Renoir, took third prize, $250, for his "Grilled Octopus with Summer Truffles, Maple Water and Lime." His gorgeous pairing of truffle and celery root, remarkable integration of maple water and delightful combination of flavours were all strong points in his favour.

The participating chefs showed great creativity with maple products, coming up with original dishes combining maple water, fish and/or seafood. The jury was composed of four people: two members of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, a food critic and chef Pierre Résimont. They judged the dishes on key criteria used in gastronomy. Upon reading each recipe, they assessed the ease of execution, originality and use of maple products. Next they tasted the dishes, considering their presentation, taste, overall balance and judicious use of maple products.

You can see the press release : The 2013 winners of the "Maple Water, Fish and Seafood"