Chez Noeser

236, rue Champlain, Saint-Jean-sur-Richellieu, Québec J3B 2B6
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Be full of the joys of spring and maple at Chez Noeser

For a few weeks in March, Chez Noeser is the ultimate place to celebrate the end of winter. For this is when they are offering their 'Full of the joys of spring and maple at Chez Noeser' menu. For 23 years, people have been going there for delicious food, but also to get their sugar rush from our most treasured local product: the amber gold of Montéregie. Cooked meals including maple are served all year round. Every spring, people flock to try the ever popular homemade maple ice cream, maple-caramelized onion purée and the sugar shack petit pot.


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Meet the Chef

Émilie Noeser and Denis Noeser
Chef owner and Chef

My first memory of maple was my first visit to a sugar shack and sharing in the Quebecois joie de vivre after a long winter. What I love about maple is its flavour and all its uses for cooking. For me, maple represents the rebirth of nature. A tip for using maple? Add a little maple syrup to pecan pie to help with caramelization. Maple goes well with onions.  The flavour of maple You have to try our 'city slicker' maple taffy. We give it to our customers at the restaurant door. Why I love it here I chose to live here for its quality of life and to have so many great products around me. Biography Chef Denis Noeser is originally from Alsace and is an artist full of passion. He opened his restaurant along with his wife, Ginette Beaulieu, in 1988 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. They have always prided themselves on originality and one of their main goals is to show off the local produce of Montéregie. A new themed menu is created for each month: 'Full of the joys of spring and maple', 'Make room for Italian food', 'Upset the apple cart at Chez Noeser', 'Christmas in Alsace', etc. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is also becoming a mecca for wine enthusiasts knowing that good wine is accompanied by great food.