Dansereau Traiteur

243, avenue Dunbar, Ville Mont-Royal, H3P 2H4
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75 Years of Magic

Dansereau Traiteur has been making memories at family and business events for 75 years. Working with textures, colours and flavours, Dansereau Traiteur crafts a careful and original presentation that matches the theme of an event, turning it into magic!  


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Meet the Chef

Yves Lévesque
Chef propriétaire

I look at maple as a pure sugar made by artisans. As a flavour, it’s a joy to work with in a variety of dishes. Maple products go well with veal, pork, poultry, strawberries, and vegetables like parsnips and celeriac.

One of my secrets? I boil my maple syrup over low heat when I need a fuller-bodied consistency.

I’d like to share a little story. In 1980, Dansereau Traiteur was tasked with making a maple soufflé for the French premier at the time, Raymond Barre. The stoves we’d rented didn’t work well at all: what a headache!


After working as head pastry chef for Dansereau Traiteur from 1976 to 1990, Yves Lévesque took over the business in 1991. He and his staff now create all its many menus and culinary offerings.