Le Portobello traiteur créatif

336, chemin du Hibou, bureau 100, Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, Québec G3C 2R4
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Quebec City

An upscale and creative caterer

Le Portobello is both a gourmet boutique and upscale catering service, where you will find fine foods and a cafe where their sanwiches can be enjoyed on-site.


  • Boutique
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Meet the Chef

Dominic Lejeune
Chef owner

I think maple products have such a refined flavour. Maple goes well with game, both large and small.  The flavour of maple A tip: always add maple right at the end of a recipe to retain as much of its flavour as possible. Why I love it here The quality of its local produce. Biography Jean-François Boutin is co-owner and Executive Chef at Le Portobello. He is very talented and loves to bring energy and creativity to his role.