Magasin Général Upton

305, rue Principale, Upton, Québec J0H 2E0
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Upton General Store, maple treats and other fine foods

This is a wonderful and traditional general store, selling fine foods, gifts and also offering a catering service. Maple syrup treats and other little delicacies are just some of the items to catch the eye and tempt the palate all year long.


  • Boutique
  • Pâtisserie
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Meet the Chef

Claude Lépine

My first memory involving maple was going to the family sugar shack of Ms. Lussier in Sainte-Rosalie. I love the sweet and woodland flavour of maple. Here's a tip: Keep maple in the freezer to preserve its flavour. Maple goes well with desserts and certain savoury dishes, such as maple-glazed ribs. An interesting fact: When I was very young I couldn't understand why my uncle was rolling around on the ground at the sugar shack. Then someone told me that he'd put a big shot of gin in his maple sap, and of course that explained everything.  The flavour of maple Maple adds that little touch of finesse to certain dishes. Why I love it here Upton is a really special place around here where the living is good and where values are important... with very little you can find simple pleasures. Biography  Claude Lépine is chef, owner and food lover. He has also been the owner of the French restaurant La Rabastalière in Saint-Bruno for 31 years. After training in Quebec, and then a year of advanced courses in Strasbourg, he become owner of Upton General Store where he continues to create and create some more...